Why Access Control Systems Are The Solution

If you would like to take control of access within a building or a number of buildings, an access control system may be the solution for you.

Access control is a very effective way of securing certain areas, by allowing people access into a single zone or multiple zones. This can also eliminate the need for keys, which are very often lost or misplaced and can compromise security. If keys are lost, it may mean you have to replace a lock which can be rather costly.

For an access control system to work, each person is issued with either a proximity card, a key fob, a numeric code or token. If one of these items is lost, it can be cancelled in seconds by the system’s controller, ensuring that if these end up in the wrong hands, the user will be unable to gain access.

An access control system is an electronic system that can be managed by a nominated administrator/controller or perhaps be controlled by a security department. The system is PC-based and comes with user-friendly software. The chosen administrator or security department supervising the access control system is able to obtain different types of reports from the software provided, and is able to monitor all areas where the system is in place, and can even identify members of staff who have attempted to gain access to certain areas and have been denied. This system can also be monitored in real time. If you have an area that requires access for certain times in the day, the access may be time-zoned. With an access control system in place, it is easy to obtain historic information which can be very useful if investigating a theft or wrongdoing. Theft occurring in small business can seriously affect profitability as well as lowering morale.

Access control systems are widely used in hospitals, banks, sports centres, universities and many commercial premises. Each member of staff can be issued either with a proximity card, fob or token which, when held against the reader, allows the door to unlock. Once a person has passed through the door, the door then reverts to the locked position. There are also audio/video systems that allow the user to speak to a visitor and/or see their image on the PC and can allow entry. The audio/video systems work well in apartment blocks.

Some of the benefits of using an access control system:

  • Offers control of who is entering the property
  • Can protect staff and property
  • Can protect personal goods
  • Can be used for highly secured/sensitive areas

There is also biometric technology. Biometric technology has grown in recent years and allows the use of physiological features such as fingerprint recognition, retina scan or facial characteristic recognition to allow entry. Of course, the person who requires access must give permission prior to having his/her physiological features recorded prior to use. This type of technology, although effective, is more expensive.

So, whether you have a small/medium/large business or premises that could benefit from added security, you may like to consider investing in an access control system.