Business Premesis Security

When thinking about business premises security, it is important to consider all areas of your building/s.

The delegated person or department responsible for business premises security should first of all take a detailed and in-depth look at the premises and carry out a survey. The local area should be taken into account – perhaps the area is a high risk crime area. Does the environment appear smart or a little run down? It may be an idea to arrange for your local Crime Prevention Officer who deals with business premises security to visit your premises and he/she will offer recommendations on the best way to help ensure your premises are secure. It is helpful to find out if there are any business crime partnerships in your area and obtain information of the amount of crime and type of crime that is committed in the area.

To satisfy your insurance company’s requirements, ensure that all perimeter fences are in good order with no breaks and consideration should be given to the height of the fence. You may require planning permission if your requirements are to have an extremely high fence. It is not a good idea to leave objects such as refuse bins or any item that can assist the opportunist thief to gain access to your premises. Ensure the perimeter is kept clean and tidy.

All windows and doors should have good locks and, where necessary, security bars, grilles or shutters. The use of access control/proximity cards may also help keep unwanted visitors from entering your premises. If you have door/window blinds, ensure these are closed when the property is empty.

The use of CCTV cameras for business premises security will also help deter thieves, along with good lighting. When positioning your cameras, pay particular attention to vulnerable areas such as areas that are hidden from view or where staff may be alone or where the lighting is poor. The choice of CCTV system will usually depend on the location of your premises and your stock.

If you decide to have an intruder alarm system fitted, ensure you have it regularly maintained. A faulty alarm system that is constantly activating will reduce Police response. Fitting an audible intruder alarm system will also be a deterrent as the thief does not wish to draw attention. Ensure the alarm is set when the premises are empty.

You may wish to display notices advertising one or more of the following:

  • This building has an intruder alarm system
  • CCTV system in operation
  • No cash held on premises

It is a good idea to keep your stock away from doors if possible, or position CCTV cameras to monitor the area. Keep an accurate record of your stock. For high value stock, use secure cabinets and limit the number of people who have access to this stock.

Ensure all personal effects are locked away in a drawer or cabinet if you have to leave your office or workstation.

Of course, the security measures you employ will be dependent on your location, type of goods you sell and working hours.