CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV surveillance systems [closed circuit television] are used for the monitoring and recording of activities and events. This is now a multi-million pound industry and the use of CCTV surveillance systems are used in towns, cities, car parks, public buildings, warehouses, factories and housing estates and many other locations where the use of cameras will be beneficial for safety and in an attempt to reduce crime.

CCTV surveillance systems have become more sophisticated over the last few years with the facility to include night vision and motion detection, with cameras that are able to zoom and tilt and are able to be remotely operated from a control room if required.

There are many benefits of having CCTV surveillance systems. It is a proven fact that within retail outlets CCTV has proved their worth by reducing theft. The actions of a shoplifter are easily captured and the footage used to prove to the Police that the shopper was acting in a dishonest manner. Cameras can be located in areas that are hidden from view from the shop assistant and also positioned outside changing rooms and in stockroom areas and also entry and exit points. In airports, CCTVs are widely used to monitor the movements and patterns of visitors and passengers in an attempt to reduce terrorism and monitor attempted smuggling of illegal goods.

CCTV surveillance systems are also used by Police Forces and security services for vehicle number plate recognition on motorways, petrol station forecourts, borders and London’s congestion charge zone and whether the cameras are visual or covert, these systems are very successful.

A further use of CCTV surveillance systems is seen on public transport and in taxis in an attempt to discourage violence or theft to passengers and drivers. Citizens can now benefit from these systems if they are involved in a road traffic accident and the added bonus of having the accident recorded on CCTV in towns and cities may help insurance companies determine the cause of an accident.

Many residential homes now enjoy the benefits of CCTV surveillance systems which can offer peace of mind. If you are one of the unlucky people who are suffering from having ‘a neighbour from hell’ who seems determined to trespass on your property or cause damage, the most logical way to provide proof to the Police is by capturing the proof on CCTV footage and this has proved extremely successful and led to criminal convictions. Another benefit of having a CCTV system is to capture unsocial behaviour that may be occurring in your neighbourhood. Whether you use the cameras covertly or not, these systems will record all the evidence you will need if you wish to take further action on the participants.

For companies that have warehouse and factory buildings, CCTV surveillance systems act as the ‘silent eye’ recording events inside your premises and also the perimeters of your building. You are able to monitor who is going into certain areas, what they are doing, whether they should be in a certain place – the list is almost endless. Many opportunist thieves are deterred from stealing where CCTV cameras are fitted. The thief likes to remain ‘invisible’ and the thought of being captured on CCTV can act as an effective deterrent.

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