Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar alarm systems have become commonplace in offices, warehouses, factories, shops and now many homes have Burglar alarm systems fitted. Having Burglar alarm systems in homes offers the resident peace of mind.

There are a few types of Burglar alarm systems on the market, from relatively inexpensive DIY kits for the home to more sophisticated systems for larger buildings. Some burglar alarm systems consist of a bell-only system, and when activated, will rely on a person contacting the Police to investigate. Other systems can be remotely monitored by a monitoring station and when the alarm is activated, the monitoring station will call the property to inform the person answering the telephone that there has been an alarm activation. The monitoring station will ask the person who has answered the telephone a security question. If the person gives an incorrect answer, the monitoring station will then proceed to call a nominated keyholder. If the monitoring station feels that there is an intruder on the premises, the Police will be contacted and requested to attend.

One type of system is the passive infrared detector [PIR] and can be found in many household and business premises offering reliable and affordable security. This type of system is able to ascertain if there is a change in temperature due to the presence of an object in the monitored space. If a change occurs, this will then activate the alarm to alert that the PIR has detected a presence.

Ultrasonic detectors use frequencies between 15 kHz and 75 kHz and transmit ultrasonic sound waves that are inaudible to humans. These types of burglar alarm systems will activate when the frequency of the ultrasonic sound waves are disturbed by an object.

Another type of Burglar alarm system is photo-electric beams. The beams are able to detect the presence of an intruder by the use of an infrared beam and activation will occur when the beam is obstructed.

It is extremely easy to operate Burglar alarm systems in the home; most will operate by entering a pre-set code when you are about to leave the property, and on your return when you wish to deactivate the alarm, you again enter a pre-set code. The cost of having Burglar alarm systems installed varies according to sophistication.

When undertaking a survey of your home, it is best to pay particular attention to the weak areas such as door and window locks. It would be wise to have deadlocks fitted on entry and exit doors as these appear to offer the best protection. Check your windows and window frames to ensure they are in good order and have not deteriorated over time. It is also important to ensure that all your windows are closed before leaving the premises. A burglar will see it as a personal invitation if you leave a window open. Also ensure that ladders are locked away as a burglar may see an upstairs window left open and an available ladder will offer easy access to the premises. Most home security tips are just common sense.

Burglar alarm systems are a great deterrent to the thief, but we can all take steps to ensure our homes or work premises are as burglar-proof as possible.