Commercial Alarms For Small Businesses

When considering commercial alarms for small businesses, it is wise to first of all assess the area in which the premises are located.  Is the area a little run down or in a more affluent area?  It is sometimes a good idea to talk to local businesses in the area to ascertain the likelihood of burglary, and what steps other businesses take to try and avoid or minimise the chance of burglaries.
When carrying out your survey of the premises, imagine that it is your home, and you wish to establish as much protection from intruders as possible.  Ensuring that all doors and windows are secure is a must.  Commercial alarms for small businesses will certainly help reduce the risk of intruders from entering your premises.  Most burglaries are opportunist, so if you reduce the opportunity of being burgled, all well and good.
Whilst still assessing the outside of the premises, a consideration should be given to PIR lighting.  This will ensure that if an intruder is detected, a light will come on automatically and the intruder may well be seen.  It may be a good idea to take a look at shrubbery around the perimeter of the premises to ensure that there is no hiding place for a burglar.  Remove rubbish bins away from the premises as these may offer some assistance to the burglar to perhaps try and break in to an upper window.
Once you have satisfied yourself that all windows and doors are able to be locked securely, the use of commercial alarms for small businesses may be considered.  This is certainly worthwhile and can offer you peace of mind once fitted.  There are many intruder alarm systems in the marketplace that would be suitable for your premises.  A very good example is one that activates on detection of movement.  This information is then relayed to the Monitoring Station, who will contact a nominated keyholder for the premises to inform them that the alarm has been raised.  The Monitoring Station can then also advise the Police and request attendance on site.  The alarm itself can be audible so that it can be heard inside and outside the premises, or inaudible, which will still send the signal to the Monitoring Station that the PIR has detected movement.  Redcare GSM [Global System for Mobile Communication] has the added bonus that it has two signalling paths to the Monitoring Station.  If one line is jammed or cut, the other line will signal.  If both lines are jammed or cut, the Monitoring Station will class this as a confirmed signal and request Police response. 
As an added deterrent, once you have considered commercial alarms for small businesses, you could also include the use of CCTV cameras, your 24/7 ‘security officer’ on site recording activities.  There isn’t a town or city in the UK that doesn’t have CCTV cameras installed, so effective are their use.  These go hand-in-hand with intruder alarms and act as a very good deterrent against the burglar. CCTV cameras may be fitted inside and/or outside of the premises.