About Us

LSCD Limited provides bespoke security products and services all over the United Kingdom. As a company we are not tied to any specific manufacturer making us an independent company. This gives us access to a broader range of products combined with a team of highly skilled and dedicated engineering staff, thus ensuring you can be provided with packages to suit your needs.

AT LSCD we feel that we will not be beaten on our excellent service or our prices.  It is important to LSCD that the customer feels safe and secure in the knowledge that we are just a phone call away.  We can offer good maintenance rates and our workmanship is second to none with a fast, efficient and reliable service.

Why not browse around our website and see what we have to offer. There is a full list available in our sitemap.

Meet The Team


Lee co-founded LSCD Ltd in 2009 with business partner Colin, Lee looks after the existing and new maintenance contracts throughout the UK, Lee’s role also involves the day to day running of the business and meeting new clients.


Our Full List Of Services

Alarm Systems
For basic home or business solutions that can be monitored if required. We also provide service and installation of high security perimeter protection alarms. Read More...

Access Control
Stand alone door entry system of just one door up to fully networked systems controlling any number of doors and card holders. Read More...

Although mainly used with security, CCTV does have other uses including production line monitoring, quality control and health and safety. We provide installation and service for systems containing one CCTV camera, up to large scale integrated systems. Read More...

Audio/Video Door Entry Systems (Intercoms)
These systems are commonly found in apartment buildings, and allow the resident as means to identify a visitor before allowing access to their building. Read More...

Vehicle/Pedestrian Barriers and Gates
These systems are commonly integraded to existing access control systems, and are usually installed to control vehicular and pedestrian traffic on to and from sites. These physical barriers come in many different types; rising bollards, swing gates, cantilever gates, sliding gates, rising arm barriers, turnstiles are just a few. Read More...

System Integration
System integration allows different types of security systems to work together. This will dramatically improve the performance of any security system; we can integrate your system no matter what the size. Read More...

System Takeovers
At LSCD, we are more than happy to take on an existing system, during the first few visits or (survey period) all labour is free. This allows you to have your system checked and faults diagnosed without having to pay a penny. Read More...

As standard all new installations are guaranteed for a twelve month period. After this time you may wish to take out a maintenance contract, At LSCD limited we offer two types of maintenance contract.

Full Maintenance; this contract covers the cost for labour and equipment faults, it also includes two preventative maintenance visits per year. This means if you have a fault on site during the contract period the materials to repair the fault and labour is free of charge.

Basic Labour Only; this contract covers the cost for labour only during the contract period, in this time faults reported will be diagnosed on site, then a quotation will be supplied to inform of the cost to replace the faulty equipment. (All quotes will be for equipment only as labour is covered under the contract).