The Benefits of Barrier and Gate Security

There are many benefits of having barrier and gate security. These are extra layers of security to help with crowd control or prevent the opportunist thief from entering your business or residential premises.

Barrier Security

Barriers are now ubiquitous and include rising arm barriers found in car parks, chain/rope barriers, airport barriers and barriers used for concerts and venues. Car park barriers can be either rising arm barriers or automated and offer complete control of the entrance and exit points. Chain, rope and belt barriers can be found in places such as airports and are used as a control method. These can also be found in places such as Post Offices, to encourage visitors to form orderly queues. Galvanised fixed leg crowd control barriers can be used at concerts, venues, or even roadworks, and are manufactured with either a solid bar infill or welded mesh. When considering barrier and gate security, it is wise to research which type of security measures meets your needs.

Gate Security

When considering installing a security gate, it is worth considering which type of gate would be the most suitable for your needs. There are manual rising arm gates, automated rising arm gates, manual swing gates, automated swing gates, pedestrian gates, manual and automated sliding gates. These gates can add an extra layer of security to the premises. There are also communities that wish to reside in gated residential properties, where the risk of theft and crime is reduced. Having gated access reduces foot traffic along with unauthorised vehicles. Having access points controlled, residents can feel they are living in a safer environment.

It has been proved that barrier and gate security are a deterrent to the thief, but they cannot guarantee a complete secure environment. Another consideration is the use of electronic key cards or keypads that may be used in conjunction with barrier and gate security. The use of CCTV cameras is another preventative measure that should be considered. It is true, however, that gated access is a psychological and a physical barrier and the criminal does not like the thought of perhaps being trapped or slowed down.

Barrier and gate security is widely used in airports due to the high volume of pedestrian traffic. Airports are considered to be potential targets for terrorism and many other forms of crime. Belt barriers are very popular in airports as they are used to contain people in certain areas or are used for queue forming.

Many apartment blocks now use barrier and gate security. This is obviously welcomed by the residents who are happy in the knowledge that they have that added security. It may also reduce insurance premiums.

It is always extremely difficult to stay one step ahead of the criminal, but there are many steps that can be taken to make life more difficult for them. Most thefts that occur in offices, warehouses and homes are committed by opportunist thieves, and if you reduce the opportunity of a criminal gaining access easily into your place of work or your home, the criminal may just walk on by.

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