Home Security - Keep Your Home Safe

With the UK’s fragile economy and the recession biting hard, it makes sense to ensure that your property and possessions are safe. Home security has never been more important.

Here are a few tips that you might like to consider to help keep your home safe:

When you are out of the home, ensure the windows are shut and locked – preferably with key-operated locks. Burglars do not like to make a noise and breaking glass may attract unwanted attention.

Fitting deadlocks to all of your outside doors is an extremely effective way of keeping unwanted visitors out. When you are away from home, it is a bad idea to leave a key ‘hidden’ for someone outside of the property – a burglar will know all the tricks – it will probably be found!

Don’t forget to set your intruder alarm. Burglars do not like visible home intruder alarms. It is best when having an alarm fitted that all wires are concealed to prevent disconnection of the system. If you have a faulty alarm, ensure you have this looked and have the problem corrected.

If you decide to be away from home overnight or longer, you could perhaps use timers for light switches or for a radio. It is a good idea to give the impression that the home is occupied. This will reduce the likelihood of a burglar trying to gain entry.

Prior to handing over a key to a cleaner/domestic help, ensure the person is reputable and honest. Consider asking for references prior to employing him/her.

Many outbuildings are very often isolated and away from your main property, and therefore an easy target for burglars and although many people protect their home and possessions, they have a tendency to overlook the humble garden shed and outbuildings. Power tools, garden tools, bikes and golf clubs are easy pickings for an opportunist thief. Ensure your outbuildings are in good order and secure. The use of a PIR outside light may help deter the thief. Thieves do not like to be under the spotlight!

Neighbourhood Watch Schemes
A Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is a partnership where people come together in an attempt to make their neighbourhood a safer place to live. The scheme will involve the local Police, along with community safety departments of local authorities. These schemes have proved effective in reducing crime and bring communities together.

Doorstep Crime/Distraction Burglaries
These burglaries are carried out by criminals who have a tendency to target the most vulnerable members of the community. The burglaries will very often involve two criminals posing as genuine callers, perhaps from a utility company, to gain entry into your home. Once inside, one of the criminals will distract the homeowner whilst the other will search the home for money and/or valuable items that they can steal. Always be on your guard against doorstep callers. If they are genuine, they will have no objection to you not allowing them entry, or perhaps you could call their head office for confirmation that they are who they say they are.

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