CCTV - Love Them or Hate Them

Love them or hate them – a CCTV system is an extremely powerful tool. CCTV systems have been around for many years now and have proven their worth. You will find them in homes, apartment blocks, retail outlets, factories, warehouses, offices, airports, on the streets … the list is endless and they are everywhere. CCTV systems are not used for spying, but rather for the safety and security of people, property and possessions. It is a proven fact that having a CCTV system installed has reduced the rate of burglaries, especially by opportunist thieves.

Some of the advantages offered by having a CCTV system installed are as follows:

  • Helps enhance community security and safety
  • Reduces crime rate by acting as a visual deterrent
  • Offers a visual record of occurrences
  • Detection of shoplifters in retail outlets
  • Reduces the fear of crime
  • Provides evidence for court proceedings

Helps Enhance Community Security and Safety
As you walk through towns and cities, you can’t help but notice all the CCTV cameras. They are there recording in the background for your protection. Many towns and cities have a dedicated team of workers monitoring events 24 hours a day. This has helped reduce crime rates in inner cities. When crime is detected, the Police are usually able to attend the scene very promptly once a call has been made by a CCTV operator, and this enables the Police to act quickly and deal with the problem.

Reduces Crime Rate by Acting as a Visual Deterrent
Burglars do not like to see CCTV cameras. The cameras are able to pick up their body patterns, clothes and very often their face. In many car parks you will see CCTV cameras keeping a watchful ‘eye’ for vehicle theft.

Offers a Visual Record of Occurrences
A CCTV system can record to a hard drive or a VHS tape, may be watched in real time or recorded, or you could have a remote monitoring system. Either way, you will have an historic record of events which, if shown in a court of law, is the evidence that is required to prove or disprove a crime.

Detection of Shoplifters in Retail Outlets
Millions of pounds are lost each year due to retail theft. Most stores will have a CCTV system in place to act as a deterrent or for factual evidence of shoplifting. In some stores covert cameras are used and a shoplifter will be blissfully unaware that his or her movements are being recorded, until it’s time to leave the store!

Reduces the Fear of Crime
A CCTV system can help give peace of mind to those of us who are worried about burglary, theft, trespassing or criminal damage. Recording images of wrongdoing can provide the evidence the Police require to intervene.

Provides Evidence for Court Proceedings
To enable prosecution to take place, there must be evidence of wrongdoing. CCTV can provide this evidence.

CCTV in the Workplace
CCTV systems can be used to monitor work on production lines, in offices, schools, sports centres, etc. Ensure you are aware of the Data Protection Law, as there are rules set out with regard to the circumstances in which monitoring may be carried out in workplaces.