LSCD are Alarm Systems, CCTV, System Takeover, Audio & Video Door Entry, Barrier & Gate Specialists in Northampton

Alarm Systems
For basic home or business solutions that can be monitored if required. We also provide service and installation of high security perimeter protection alarms.

Access Control
Stand alone door entry system of just one door up to fully networked systems controlling any number of doors and card holders.

Although mainly used with security, CCTV does have other uses including production line monitoring, quality control and health and safety. We provide installation and service for systems containing one CCTV camera, up to large scale integrated systems.

Audio/Video Door Entry Systems (Intercoms)
These systems are commonly found in apartment buildings, and allow the resident as means to identify a visitor before allowing access to their building.

Vehicle/Pedestrian Barriers and Gates
These systems are commonly integraded to existing access control systems, and are usually installed to control vehicular and pedestrian traffic on to and from sites. These physical barriers come in many different types; rising bollards, swing gates, cantilever gates, sliding gates, rising arm barriers, turnstiles are just a few.

System Integration
System integration allows different types of security systems to work together. This will dramatically improve the performance of any security system; we can integrate your system no matter what the size.

System Takeovers
At LSCD, we are more than happy to take on an existing system, during the first few visits or (survey period) all labour is free. This allows you to have your system checked and faults diagnosed without having to pay a penny.

Northampton is a large market town approximately 65 miles northwest of London and has a population of over 210,000.

Although Northampton does not have city status, the University of Northampton opened in 2005 offering many great opportunities for study. There are two theatres in Northampton, The Derngate and The Royal, together with a museum and art gallery.